1. Purpose of establishment of Haraguchi International Law Office
Haraguchi International Law Office was established in March 2003 by Kaoru Haraguchi who has more than a quarter of century of experience practicing as an international lawyer in not only Japan but also in the United States, Europe and China. The philosophy of our office is to aim to assist the legal fulfillment of our client's purpose and protect legitimate right of our clients.

2. Kaoru Haraguchi
Kaoru Haraguchi, as an international lawyer, specializes in explaining laws and practical business to our foreign clients.

Kaoru Haraguchi with a strong sense of responsibility will tenaciously fight until the last victory, overcoming any kind of difficulties or challenges.

Additionally, Kaoru Haraguchi will flexibly correspond to the changes in society, not only expanding but also developing its professional field of expertise. Furthermore, recently, Kaoru Haraguchi has actively continued handling difficult and various matters from lawsuits, antitrust cases, and labor issues, developing new areas of specialties as a retained attorney of a world's leading steel manufacturing company. Most recently, he managed an international insolvency case, where he represented a first section-listed company of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Please refer to the "Attorney Profile" for further details.

3. Our Philosophy
The guiding philosophy of our office is to prosper with our clients by timely proving the highest legal services in Japanese, English, Chinese, Mongolian, and other various languages.

4. Network of Haraguchi International Law Office
Our office is one of the leading members of AEA, an international association in which more than 3000 worldwide attorneys from 189 countries are a member. Kaoru Haraguchi is one of the directors of AEA for the Asian district.

Haraguchi International Law Office also has its own or cooperative office in New York and Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) and has opened a liaison office in Beijing.

5. Practice of our office
To meet the change of the demand of legal service due to the Lehman shock and the rise of Chinese economy, we have changed our practice dramatically in these days. We are currently providing legal services not only finance and corporate but also litigations and bankruptcy with the US/European Clients but also Asian client, in particular, Chinese clients.

Please refer to the "Areas of Practice" for further details.

6. Staff of Haraguchi International Law Office
Our office consists of Japanese and foreign attorneys, paralegals and secretaries who have experience, professional knowledge, and language ability to fulfill the purpose and philosophy of our office.

We are always working to recruit intelligent staffs. Please refer to the "Recruit" page for further details.
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